Ink Music celebrates 100 releases

Ink100 @ Waves Vienna

Let’s party: Over at Ink Music we are about to get our 100th release out in the fall. We are celebrating, with a Label-Night on Friday (28.09.) at Waves Vienna, showcasing five current bands at WUK (Foyer). We’ll have a very special surprise for you in the WUK courtyard or foyer at 6.30pm.

After that we’ll start the night with Safari. The Viennese-Swedish Indie-Electro-Pop band never had to search for its own style, they simply found it on the playground. Anything goes – and go it does! Safari’s music shines with impressive techniques and multifaceted instrumentation, culminating in their very own soundscape mixing digital and analogue.

Embracing change was crucial for Kaiko’s EP „Passage / Detached“. Stripping off their flowery dress, the band’s sound has evolved into pop surrounded by a rougher skin. Without losing an ounce of their charm and ability to tell stories of everyday life, they write songs full of courage and strength.

A kaleidoscope of images and emotions, Pressyes moves somewhere between California Dreaming and PRESSYES: On the Runa summer road trip in a vintage car. Contrasting the evident nostalgia, his music exudes a lust for life and the future. The sublime soundscape of mellow and driven sounds is reminiscent of the big pop days of the ‘70s, scattered with lush textures and psychedelia. Pressyes are nominated for an XA Export Award.

Ever since they released their critically acclaimed debut album „Like Crazy Doves“ in 2012, Catastrophe & Cure have been known to command attention without being pushy or loud, instead focusing on their unique sound, as well as intense but gentle vocals combined with elaborate musical arrangements.

Mickey is a reckless name for a band: difficult to google, kind of biased, and by no means a name, you would suggest to anyone. And that is why it’s a perfect fit: this „now more than ever…“ attitude is what fuels Mickey, constituting their very own genre: Survival-Pop. The duo is nominated for an XA Export Award as well.

The celebrated catalog number 100 will be released shortly and couldn’t be more fitting: Garish have been part of Ink Music’s journey and its founder Hannes Tschürtz from the very beginning. The acoustic album „Rosen und Applaus“ was recorded in front of a live audience in the Thomas Kantine Pronai’s studio in the legendary Cselley Mühle, Oslip and will be released strictly limited on vinyl.

Other than as a label Ink Music has first and foremost worked in Booking and Management. Since 2001 the company has influenced careers of acts like Bilderbuch, Ja Panik, Garish, Clara Luzia, Ezra Furman or Leyya. Over the past few years Ink Music has also intensified publishing and sync activities.

Ink 100 @ Waves Vienna

im (und vor dem) WUK Foyer / Fr, 28.09.2018

18:30 Surprise Opening
19:00 Safari
20:15 Kaiko
21:30 Pressyes
23:00 Catastrophe & Cure
00:30 Mickey

Current Releases on Ink Music:
21.09.: Kaiko: „Passage / Detached“ (Vinyl EP)
05.10.: Little Big Sea: „Famous Laughter“ (Single)
26.10.: Garish: „Rosen und Applaus – Die Uzlop Bänder“ (LP)
02.11.: Cari Cari: „Anaana“ (LP, CD)