Ian Fisher - "Burnt Tongue" (CD)

UPC: 196925387385
Label: Backseat Records

Release Date: 03.02.2022

Ian Fisher’s intimate album, “Burnt Tongue”, fights against meaninglessness with song. The veteran songwriter and newly naturalized European steps out of the shadows of his American past to expand his musical cosmos. Together with his expatriate band and the talented German producer, Jonas David, the prolific artist spent the winter recording in Sicily. The result of this international creative dialogue is a layered and detailed sound that adds a new depth to Ian Fisher's music. His straightforward lyricism and unique, emotive voice are infused with David's modern taste. A sound built on honest, traditional musical elements (vocals, acoustic guitar, and piano) and arranged in exciting and unexpected combinations (woodwinds, experimental effects, and synth). “Burnt Tongue” is an album of growth and change. It is a call to carry on.


© & Ian Fisher 2022
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